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Fall 2015

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A Surprise Christmas Gift

  • September 8, 2015

At the end of the children’s Christmas play at First Baptist Church of Brewster, New York, Pastor Travis Mitchell handed out gift boxes. The children were confused when they opened their boxes and found they contained a blank piece of paper. Travis explained that more than 1,800 languages around the world still don’t have the gift of God’s Word in their language—their “Bible” is still blank.

man reading

To illustrate how many communities are still without the translated Word, Travis had a few children roll out a list of the remaining languages that do not have one word of Scripture. He says, “Everyone was watching it roll down the aisle. It probably went 40 feet.”

Then Travis introduced the congregation to one of the Bibleless people groups, the Etulo people of Nigeria. Next Travis invited the entire congregation to open a second gift. This time they found a Wycliffe gift catalog card, which indicated that a copy of the Gospel of Luke had been given to the Etulo in their honor—the very same book dramatized in their Christmas play.

Pastor Travis says, “I handwrote about 150 cards, one for each child at the play and each adult. My note let them know that one copy of the Book of Luke had been given to an Etulo family who is now able to read the Christmas story for the first time in their own language. I wanted the card to remind them that God had big plans for them, as part of filling this world with light through His Word.”