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Winter 2015

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  • August 22, 2014

Translation Workshop Tackles Ebola Education in Senegal

In October, SIL Senegal hosted a workshop to translate important health information about the Ebola virus. The newly translated resources provide communities with life-saving information in languages that people understand. Although there are no current cases of Ebola in Senegal, the country shares a border with Guinea, one of the nations most impacted by the deadly virus. Materials in the local languages will help educate people in the villages about Ebola and how they can work to avoid the spread of the virus within their communities.

The “JESUS” Film Premieres in Tanzania

It was the rainy season, but God gave glorious star-filled night skies for the two premieres of the “JESUS” film in the Kabwa and Zanaki languages, spoken in the Mara region in Tanzania. Praise God for the tremendous response to the film premieres, which took place in April 2014.

Pastor Willy Futakamba reported that after the “JESUS” film premiere in Zanaki, more than 70 adults and 70 children came forward in response to the gospel message given along with the film. Among them were several men who were followers of another religion. Praise God for using the story of Jesus’ life to bring people to himself.