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Winter 2015

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Supporting Future Translations

  • January 15, 2015

Park and Betty Kriner were introduced to Wycliffe in 1962 at a missions conference. While there, they met Arlo and Vi Heinrichs, a couple serving as Bible translators in Brazil. The Heinrichs stayed with the Kriners for a time and a friendship began. “When these people stayed in our home, we became like family with them. Knowing Arlo and Vi and their kindness and zeal got us excited, especially when we heard the story of how Wycliffe was founded. We had specific information about many tribes that hadn’t been reached and how many were being translated at that time. That got us interested in giving.”

A particular aspect of Wycliffe’s work closely matched their interest: aviation. So in 1965 the Kriners, along with their pastor, raised $120,000 to purchase a Helio Courier for Wycliffe. Park says, “I’m a pilot so I was interested in the jungle aviation and radio part of Wycliffe’s ministry. We went around to little churches where we lived in Idaho and took faith promises. In one year we bought the aircraft and sent it down to South America. We named it ‘The Spirit of Idaho.’”

Right away Park was impressed with Wycliffe’s stewardship of donated funds. “Through our research we found that Wycliffe is very frugal with spending the money that they’re given — they don’t waste it. A very high percentage goes right to the mission field to support people on the front lines who are sharing the gospel. We’re business people so we thought that was a good place to invest in eternity.”

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So when it came time for estate planning, Park and Betty — who now live in Glenallen, Alaska — met with a Wycliffe Foundation representative and chose to include Wycliffe Bible Translators in their bequest. “When we go on to our eternal home, a portion of our estate is going to Wycliffe. We feel really comfortable with that. We think it’s one of the best organizations in the world. They’re getting the job done in places where nobody else will go.”

Park thinks giving is one of the greatest rewards you can experience as a Christian. He says, “What a blessing it is to give! We’re the ones that receive the blessing, not those that receive the funds. God supplies the money and we do with it what we think he wants us to do. So that’s what we have enjoyed through the years, giving to Wycliffe. Instead of just sending a check off every month, Bible translation became part of our life. Having that association with Wycliffe has really been a spiritual blessing to both my wife and me.”

If you’d like to learn more about including Wycliffe in your own estate plans through a will or trust, or by way of a beneficiary designation on an account, retirement plan or life insurance policy, please contact us (toll-free) at 1-877-493-3600 or visit