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Fall 2016

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God’s Word Transforms the Lutos Community

Because of the influence of Scripture, the Lutos community in the Central African Republic is being transformed. Young Lutos men and women have found their identities in Christ and can face any hardship with God on their side.

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Wycliffe Gift Catalog: Project Spotlight

Reach 27 Million People in India with God’s Word

The impact that audio and video Scriptures have on language communities in India is incredible, and the future of Scripture engagements efforts there is dependent on making the Bible accessible in these formats.

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God’s Word Opens Doors

Answered Prayers in Western Indonesia

Translation work is underway in the Wacana language of Indonesia, and the prayers of the translation team have opened doors, allowing them to test Scripture in the language.

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Translating a Word That Does Not Exist

Word Search: When Bible Translators Find Just the Right Word

Translators working with a people group in northern Alaska learned that they had no word for “do,” and were faced with an interesting challenge while translating John 6:38.

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