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Fall 2016

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God’s Word Opens Doors

Answered Prayers in Western Indonesia

  • September 20, 2016
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There are an estimated 700 languages spoken in Indonesia. Although Indonesian is the official language of the country, most citizens speak other languages as their primary language. Each dialect has a unique language identity, making this region one of the three areas of the world with the greatest Bible translation need.

Translation work is underway for the Wacana* language of Indonesia. Believers are rare among the Wacana, as the majority of the population practices another major world religion. There is no established church among the Wacana and outreach can be slow, but God is using his translated Word to open doors.

One of the biggest challenges the Wacana translation team faces is finding people willing to help them test translated Scripture for accuracy and naturalness in the language. Fortunately, the main translators live in a college town, where people from all over the country come to attend university. After the translation team visited a dorm where several students from the Wacana area lived, one young man agreed to participate.

The young Wacana man was very supportive, saying that he would help in any way — for free — to see these stories become books. The translators tested the story of Joseph with him twice in person and twice over e-mail, asking questions about the story to see if it was easily understood, or in need of revision. Finding this student was a direct answer to the team’s prayers!

Please join us in praying that God would open doors for a church planting team that is trying to find a way to live in the main Wacana homeland, which would allow translation work to continue among the Wacana.


Funds Provided This Quarter

Your gifts to the Worldwide Projects Fund help support the Wacana Bible translation project, as well as several others providing Scripture access in western Indonesia. Thank you!

Number of Projects Supported: 236
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