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Fall 2016

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God’s Word Transforms the Lutos Community

  • September 20, 2016
Three girls leaning against a wall

Thanks to your generous giving this summer to Wycliffe’s 2016 “From First Words to Changed Lives” campaign, you are impacting lives in the Lutos people group of the Central African Republic.

Lutos teenagers were once considered adults only after undergoing painful rituals. Taking part in this tradition proved to the rest of the Lutos people that the young men and women were prepared to live difficult lives. After this, they have the freedom to choose their future path, get married or set up their own household.

But now, due to Bible translation and literacy work — which your support helps provide — the Lutos’ lives are being transformed! Because of the influence of Scripture, young men and women have now found their identities in Christ and can face any hardship with God on their side.

One translator said, “God gave my wife and me five daughters. The Lutos culture requires that they undergo this ritual, but I opposed it. Because, for me, the Word of God holds more authority.” Instead of following the cultural norm, the translator allowed his daughters to be baptized as fellow believers of Christ. “Since their baptism, each of my daughters has committed herself to following the Lord.”

Literacy work in the Lutos language enables the Lutos people to improve their lives through education. At each literacy workshop, many come with a keen interest to learn and are taught to read and write in their language. Most importantly, the Lutos now absorb and live out the message of the Bible. The translation of the Scripture into their heart language has made God’s Word become more real to them.

On behalf of the Lutos people, thank you for your gifts to keep literacy and translation efforts moving forward in their language.