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Spring 2016

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Waiting for the Old Testament in South Sudan

  • April 22, 2016

Your gifts to the Worldwide Projects Fund are helping a team of Murle translators in South Sudan move forward on the Old Testament translation for 133,000 Murle people.

Delivering the New Testament
John Atiel thanks truck drivers for delivering the first 8,000 copies of the Murle New Testament.

The Murle have the New Testament in their own language, but they would like the whole Bible. The Eastern Jongelei Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, the main church among the Murle, repeatedly approached SIL* to ask for help translating the Old Testament.

The New Testament with Genesis was published in 1996, revised in 2014, and is well used.

Trial editions of Ruth, Esther and Jonah were published in 2015. One of the team members said, “It is a blessing for us to have these portions of the Old Testament . . . The Murle community will finally receive the complete Word of God in their own language. We are grateful to God because most people will better understand the whole Bible which will lead to a great transformation in our community.”

There are very few financial resources available from the community. Many Murle have fled the fighting in their home area, leaving behind their possessions. Because of this, the church cannot provide salaries for full-time translators. However the translation committee gives its time freely and people volunteer their time for community checks.

The team expected a small number of people to participate in the community checking and were pleasantly surprised when more people showed up.

Additionally, based on the good report and high expectation within the community about the progress of OT translation, the County Commissioner visited the translation office on September 22, 2015. He was impressed with the work being done, and appreciated the donors who fund the Murle project. The community is offering prayers for the project.

Pray for the Murle people—that God would strengthen the local churches and that the hearts of the Murle would be open to receive the Good News of the Gospel.

* SIL is one of Wycliffe’s primary partners.

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