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Summer 2016

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Letter From the President

A Great Treasure

  • July 8, 2016

This summer my wife, Dallas, and I are rejoicing with the Yambetta people of Cameroon. After working on the Scripture translation for more than 30 years, our friend Leonard Bolioki will soon see the Yambetta New Testament printed and dedicated. Dallas and I are going for the festivities to celebrate what God has done.

Thinking ahead to what we’ll experience at the dedication, I remember Psalm 119:162, “I rejoice in your Word like one who discovers a great treasure.” I love that verse! Leonard has sent us Scripture portions over the years, but they were just soft-bound books of draft copies that were done. I know that Leonard will hold his first copy of the New Testament in his own language as if it’s a great treasure.

And it is! With the arrival of the translated Word of God, Jesus has moved into the Yambetta village and speaks their language. The community now has a living roadmap for life; people will hear it and understand it. The Bible will be a framework that helps them think differently about themselves and the things they experience because they know someone loves them beyond human events. When times are tough, they can take comfort in his Word.

Scripture will be a light and a lamp for their path — a way to view the journey ahead. It will make an eternal difference, while also making an immediate difference for their lives here on earth. Equipped with the translated New Testament, churches will grow, followed by ministries within the communities.

Your gifts and prayers play a key role in translation work around the world. I’m grateful for your partnership in the Yambetta project and hundreds of other language groups where God is at work through his translated Word.


Bob Creson

Bob Creson
Wycliffe Bible Translators USA