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Summer 2016

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News & Notes from the Field

Please pray for these Wycliffe projects around the world.

  • July 8, 2016
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Scripture Resource Websites in the Congo

This spring, participants from 12 language project teams in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo met for a website-building workshop. The 28 participants received hands-on training in website development and maintenance with the goal of building a Scripture resource website for each of the language projects represented.

The two-week workshop faced a variety of challenges, including no electricity or running water at the host site. Some participants had very little formal education. But the workshop was covered by the prayers of many and God was faithful to provide for all of the participants' needs. At the end of the workshop the 12 websites went live successfully, increasing access to valuable resources for translators and their communities in their own language.

A variety of print resources are now available on the sites in digital format, including translated Scripture, dictionaries and songs. The websites also host recordings of Scripture, Bible stories, music and the “JESUS” film dubbed in their language. Some of the websites even give the option to view the site content in French or a local trade language, such as Lingala or KiSwahili! Join us in praising God for the impact these websites will have on language communities in the Congo.