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Summer 2016

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Spreading the Gospel Through the “Jesus Messiah Picture Book” in Togo

Your Gifts at Work

  • July 8, 2016
Editing the Jesus Messiah Picture Book in Togo

Your gifts to the Wycliffe project catalog helped provide copies of the “Jesus Messiah Picture Book” in 8 languages in Togo.

The “Jesus Messiah Picture Book” (JMPB) tells about Jesus' life from the four gospels in mother-tongue languages for clear understanding.

In September 2015, the Scripture-use team from Wycliffe Togo held two workshops to train pastors and Sunday school teachers how to effectively use the “Jesus Messiah Picture Book.” At the first workshop, 25 pastors and 30 Sunday school teachers learned how to use the book. Then another group of 40 pastors and 20 Sunday school teachers received the same training at the next workshop. The training focused on how to supervise and teach children and adults by using this picture book in church or at home. Practical sessions were also included in which participants were asked to prepare their lessons for different age groups.

Many participants testified about how the workshop was useful for their ministry. A pastor who has not yet finished his Bible school studies expressed his gratitude and thanked God that many pastors were present to listen and understand the importance of training both children and adults. He also said that previously they did not spend enough time preparing the lessons, but now he believes that more time will be devoted to preparation.

Jesus Messiah Picture Books

Another pastor said, “With this training on how to use the picture book, the level of our instructors will be increased.” And a deacon shared, “I learned how images attract the attention of adults as well as children, and how to engage learners in the lessons.”

Now the picture books are in the hands of the people, and the team at Wycliffe Togo is so grateful for people who generously share in impacting lives by providing the funding for these books.