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Winter 2016

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The Seed of God's Word Yields Fruit

When Timothy moved from his village to the city, he turned to alcohol and drugs. But then he learned about Jesus and accepted him as his Savior. After that, Timothy realized that he needed to make some big changes in his life.

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Passing on the Joy

Nora’s favorite part of teaching involved watching her students learn how to read — especially the Bible. So when she began making her estate plan, Nora chose to continue supporting both Bible translation and literacy.

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Comforted by Story

After Kristina lost two of her three children during childbirth, she was emotionally and physically scarred. But through God’s Word, she found hope and healing. Kristina is now dedicated to teaching Scripture to others so they can find that same hope and healing.

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Translation Treasure

Translation team members in West Africa were stunned when they heard the Lord’s Prayer read aloud in their own language for the first time.

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News & Notes from the Field

Please pray for these Wycliffe projects around the world.

In Africa, the gospel in the Makonde language has radically altered lives in Mozambique. In Asia, despite being banned from translating in their own country, “L” language speakers continue to persevere in another Asian country.

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Funds Provided This Quarter

We greatly appreciate your partnership in the ministry of Bible translation.
Your investment in Wycliffe’s Worldwide Projects Fund will help to reach the least, the last and the lost. Thank you!

Number of Projects Supported: 548
Total Funds Distributed: $1,538,686
Funds for Featured Projects: $52,961