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Winter 2016

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News & Notes from the Field

Please pray for these Wycliffe projects around the world.

  • December 23, 2015

Makonde Celebrate End of Bible Poverty

The Makonde people in Mozambique are celebrating their New Testament, both in print and audio formats. At the Bible dedication, one Makonde speaker said, “The greatest of all poverties is Word-of-God poverty . . . and now we’ve got His Word, we must make sure we escape from this poverty.”

Dedication Show

When asked if translated Scripture had made an impact, many Makonde told stories of radical change from wife beating to love in the home, from drugs, drink and distintegration to steadiness and safety, from communitiy problem-making to problem-solving.

Pray that many more Makonde hearts would continue to encounter the gospel and that the Lord would grow his kingdom among the people.

“L” People Access Scripture on the Internet

In 2012, the “L” translation team members were banned for 10 years from working in their country in Asia. Praise God they made excellent progress while working in another country, publishing 19 New Testament books on the Internet for reading and downloading. They also recorded nine Epistles and made them available.


Ask the Lord to bless their efforts as they perform an exegetical check this year on the remaining books and work to publish the New Testament next year. Lift up the exegete’s wife and main translator. A native speaker of the “L” language, she greatly misses her home area, family and friends. Pray for the couple as they apply to get a visa to live and work closer to their home country.