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Winter 2016

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Translation Treasure

  • December 23, 2015

The goal of Scripture translation is to convey the true meaning of God’s Word in a way the people group can understand. Here is an example showing how important— and difficult—it can be to find just the right words. 

Today Our Lord Taught Us to Pray

In a West African country, a national translation committee recently translated the Lord’s Prayer from the Gospel of Luke. After processing and feeling their translation included all of the necessary aspects that had been analyzed, the committee members asked one of the Wycliffe translation consultants to read the passage aloud while they listened.

As the consultant read, the committee members sat quietly with their heads bowed.

When the consultant completed the reading, he became concerned at the extended silence from the translators and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

The lead translator for the day looked up and said, “Many years ago, we all had memorized this prayer in the colonial language. But it was today that our Lord taught us to pray.”