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Winter 2016

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Your Gifts at Work for the Tembo People

Tembo New Testament Close to the Finish Line

  • December 23, 2015

With your help through gifts to the Worldwide Projects Fund, the Tembo people in Eastern Congo are close to having the New Testament in their language! 

Woman and Girl

Recently, a man phoned the Tembo translation office, thanking them for their work. He said, “I have never seen you; I do not even know your names. But after holding in my hand a copy of the book of Timothy that you have translated in my language, I would like to thank you for your work. I assure that after reading this in my language, I now understand it better than I do in Kiswahili. Thank you very much. My prayer is that you finish quickly all the New Testament so that I can have one.”


Many of the Tembo people in Eastern Congo are unable to read, so the strategy to get God’s Word into their hearts has to include oral methods as well as the printed Scriptures. With Faith Comes by Hearing, the Tembo team members recorded some of the texts that had been translated. In November 2014, they finished the recording of the Gospel of John, as well as 1 Timothy. They are confident that the publication and audio recording of these books will help the Tembo community understand the Word of God in their native language. 

The team has also produced and broadcasted twelve programs in the Tembo language at an evangelical radio station in the area, using their translation drafts for sermons and discussions. During these programs, they received over 20 live telephone calls from listeners who shared their satisfaction on the naturalness of the biblical texts that had been read. 

Your gifts and prayers are making a difference and are helping this Tembo man and others around the world realize their dream of having Scriptures in their own language.