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Fall 2017

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Making Jesus Famous From Hawaii to Papua New Guinea

  • August 31, 2017
New Life City Waikiki Church

When Pastor R.K. Castillo heard about the idea of ending Bible poverty by 2020, it really resonated with him. He wholeheartedly agreed that everyone should have Scripture in their own language, and he wanted to be a part of making that happen. So he shared the vision with his congregation at New Life City Waikiki Church.

The majority of the church’s 20 members live on the street. They meet weekly in a local park to worship together and share biblical teaching. They don’t usually take up an offering on Sundays, but at Christmas, they collect money as a “birthday gift” to Jesus. In 2016, they found something to give toward on Wycliffe’s website.

Pastor Castillo says, “We started by going to the website and finding a project that we could be a part of. We saw that for $70 you could pay for someone in Papua New Guinea to get training to have the Bible in their language. Papua New Guinea is one of the countries with the most Bible poverty, and it’s in the Pacific Ocean, where we are. So that’s what we did!”

In the past, the church has raised money for other projects, but Pastor Castillo felt that the Wycliffe work was especially important to take part in. It was a global version of the church’s local goal of making Jesus famous among the homeless of Hawaii.

He says, “The Word of God is powerful. It contains the very words of life. The Wycliffe project was a good one for us to get behind — something we could act on, doing our part to help those in the Pacific area. Seventy dollars was doable for us. Everyone in the church gave what they could.”