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Fall 2017

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Reaching the Unreached With God’s Word

  • August 31, 2017
oral Bible storytelling workshop participants

How do you reach people living in the remote rugged mountains and swampy plains of the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea with the gospel of Christ? Through five workshops and more than 20 Bible stories in 12 language communities! But the numbers tell only part of the strategy to reach the language communities in the Sepik region.

Even though many of the Sepik people would consider themselves Christian, there is no known Scripture available. A mix of animism, traditional beliefs and Christianity are believed by almost everyone. Because of the traditional beliefs and practices, people feel like they have no control over the spirits. The Sepik people need God’s Word in their language so that they can know the God of the Bible — a God who is more powerful than the spirit world.

You are helping provide the first step in that process! Your gifts to the First Words to Changed Lives campaign during the summer helped launch the oral Bible storytelling project for 12 language communities.

The project uses oral methods of translating Bible stories to equip storytellers in the villages so they can give the clear and accurate meaning of the translated Scripture to others in their language groups. The stories — which are translated by the storytellers themselves — are available via the storytellers and digital recordings.

oral Bible storytelling workshop

The workshops cover the lives of Abraham, Joseph and Moses, as well as stories like the Ten Commandments, the Prodigal Son, Jesus’ crucifixion, his resurrection and many more!

“This project is bringing the ultimate resource — God’s Word in the language and form that’s perfect for these oral cultures.” says a project advisor.

Listeners to the stories will gain a good understanding of how to apply the Bible in their everyday lives. And the Sepik communities can address ways in which traditional beliefs and Scripture do not align.

Your prayers and investment are helping change lives in Papua New Guinea!

If you’d like to provide the people in the Sepik access to Scripture in their language, visit our gift catalog starting October 1 at