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Summer 2017

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My Word Always Produces Fruit

  • July 3, 2017
girl reading Nuni catalog

Thanks to you, the Old Testament in the Nuni language in Burkina Faso is several steps closer to completion! Translators recently finished the first drafts of Isaiah and Hosea as well as the back translation of Deuteronomy. Now the Nuni people can know how deeply God pursues them as well as what it means to love God with all their hearts, souls and strength.

The consultant team was also able to complete checks of Lamentations, Obadiah and Malachi. One man had the blessing of joining this team and wrote about what God taught him through the book of Malachi.

“I was specifically touched by the message of Malachi when I heard God complaining about being given sick animals as offerings,” he said. “I felt very much concerned. It is true, I do not give animals as offerings to God but I made a deduction from the fact that I do give money. And usually, it is the worn coins which I know the shopkeepers will not accept that I used to throw into the offerings basket. I really felt ashamed when I heard God’s reaction. I did not know that God was that concerned about what we give as offerings. Since then, I have decided to give my best to God as offerings.”

Celebrate the fact that God has revealed these little truths through his Word! Deductions like this would not be possible through reading an unfamiliar language. But because God can speak the Nuni language, he can speak to their hearts and bring growth.

Thank you for helping bring God’s Word to the Nuni. His Word continues to bear fruit — two new church plants have grown in those communities! Continue to pray for the Nuni churches to grow in their desire for God, and also pray for the translation team as they start working on both Ecclesiastes and Job.