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Summer 2017

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SALT and Light Across Papua New Guinea

  • July 3, 2017
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smiling lady from Papua New Guinea

Thanks to your donation to the Worldwide Projects Fund, you’ve helped Scripture engagement ministries like Pacific SALT. Scripture Application and Leadership Training (SALT) is a two-week course used to encourage and equip leaders to use Scripture in their heart language. They are taught how to use Scripture effectively for worship, evangelism, discipleship and in many other areas. SALT’s goal is to encourage a love and wonder of Scripture. Through your donations, several of these courses were held in the Pacific region. One of these was in the village of Dzudzumau, Papua New Guinea. Hundreds attended this course and many people walked away changed.

“Normally when a Bible program has been run in this village, I am standing on the fringes of the crowd looking in,” one man explained. “I haven’t been too interested before as to what was being said from the Word. Praise God that this course has been different. Somehow God brought me inside the building on day one and I received a SALT workbook. Since then I have been sitting inside listening to every word being shared. The Word has been gripping me and now I have given my life to Christ!” With that, the young man then broke down into tears.

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Another man — a church leader and school headmaster — shared, “I have been challenged by this entire study. But the main theme that has challenged me is the teaching on love. Do I show love to others? I know here during the course it is easy, but when I go back to my home, will I show love to others — especially those of other churches? I have been challenged by the unity of the SALT team. They are from different churches and yet work together in love. I need to show this same kind of love to others, especially my brothers and sisters from other churches.”

Thank you for bringing God’s Word to Dzudzumau, Papua New Guinea and enabling SALT to guide them in applying God’s truths to their daily lives. Your partnership has helped spread God’s light and salt around Papua New Guinea, and the world.

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