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Summer 2017

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Seeking to Understand the God of the Bible

  • July 3, 2017
Yakut young people walking on mountian road

The traditional religion in the Yakut communities in Siberia is shamanism, although today their religion is also influenced by Orthodox Christianity. This mixing of beliefs results in a community that largely views Christianity as a foreign religion.

A translation team has been working to bring Scripture to the Yakut in their language. While there, the team has received many questions about God and the Bible from some Yakut people. One believer had the opportunity to speak with a man about God until 4 a.m. while several of the man’s brothers slept in the other room. In the morning, the brothers said that they had not been sleeping, but had been listening to the conversation! Rejoice as God brings more opportunities to share the gospel in Siberia with the Yakut.