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Fall 2018

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Translation in Unison

  • September 21, 2018
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Bible translation has been accelerated through partnerships such as the Pacific Wa’a Partnership.

The Samoan chief opened the week of meetings with the blowing of a conch shell and a traditional welcome, greeting each person forehead-to-forehead and nose-to-nose. Then he shared from his heart about the perspective with which he was raised — to view the oceans of the Pacific not as barriers to surrounding islands, but as highways to take the gospel to other communities.

Twice a year, this group, known as the Pacific Wa’a Partnership, comes together to build relationships with one another, laying the groundwork for innovation and collaboration. Their focus is on Scripture translation and distribution for the approximately 1,300 language communities that are found in the Pacific.

Pacific Wa’a Partnership

The fellowship’s name is taken from the name of a special canoe. Polynesians use a “wa’a” for deep sea voyages. In order to move the boat forward, a wa’a requires several people to row in perfect unison.

One result of the partnership has been equipping members of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) to adapt scripts for the ”JESUS“ film. Since the training initiative began, 39 languages have had the ”JESUS“ film recorded.

A local pastor in Papua New Guinea shared about the response of the Angal Heneng people to the ”JESUS“ film in their heart language. Last December, during the Christmas and New Year showings of the film, 13 church denominations participated. At the end of the gathering, 820 people gave their lives to Jesus.

As God continues to bring organizations, communities, churches and families together, the work accelerates, Bible translation moves forward and the gospel is shared.

With your help through your gifts to the Worldwide Projects Fund (WPF), the Pacific Wa’a Partnership is mobilizing people from nations across the Pacific to share the responsibility for Bible translation. WPF fills a crucial role in ensuring projects receive the support they need at the right time, enabling them to continue without missing a beat.

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