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Spring 2018

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News & Notes from the Field

  • April 2, 2018

Easy Access on Mobile Devices in Asia

Asian man

“This is what we’ve been looking for!” exclaimed a local pastor after seeing the Selaru Bible app. The translation team has been making portions of God’s Word available through the app for mobile devices.

One of the team members said, “I am thankful l now have a cellphone that I can use wherever I go to share the Word.” He carries with him the Selaru Bible app, recordings of Jonah and James, a test version of the “JESUS” film and more.

Whenever he can, he shares God’s Word in the Selaru language. People are delighted to listen to Scripture, and they love reading the text — sentence-by-sentence — in sync with the audio. “It’s better if we hear it in our own language so that we can understand the meaning,” said one Selaru speaker.

Thai Sign Language Impacts Other Sign Languages

Thai Sign Language presentation

“Many Deaf who have been exposed to community testing [of translated portions] are excited to have the Scriptures,” said a project adviser for Thai Sign Language. “People are eager for more.”

These Scripture stories impact the Deaf who use Thai Sign Language, and Bible translators are hopeful that this translation may even meet the needs of all three sign languages in the country. The team will assess how well two other sign language communities in Thailand understand them. Depending on their findings, these stories could potentially be used as a source for adaptation into those languages.