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Summer 2018

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Gospel Comes to the Tugen

  • July 4, 2018
Tugen group celebrating new Scriptures

Thanks to your gifts through Wycliffe’s Worldwide Projects Fund, the gospel has come to the Tugen Hills of western Kenya. The book of Luke — the first Scripture translated into the Tugen language — was recently published, and the community was overjoyed to receive it!

The dedication of Luke was a jubilant festival, with a mile-long procession and an abundance of singing and dancing. “There was great joy from the people when the Tugen Gospel of Luke was brought for dedication,” said a project adviser, describing how the crowd surged forward to buy their own copies of the book.

Tugen lady with newly printed Scriptures

The Tugen people traditionally pray to a god named Asis (sun), and while many have become Christians, traditional practices still exert a strong effect on the community’s theology. The local church needs a strong foundation — one that this first critical piece of Scripture will provide.

Tugen leaders are excited to see how this Scripture translation will impact the community. Not only will the book of Luke provide the basis for the “JESUS” film script, but it will also speak to specific areas of interest among the people. For example, Jesus clearly addressed the topic of physical human needs in his teachings, a topic reflected within the Tugen community as provision for the poor and concern for clean water as a basic human right.

At a recent women’s conference, one of the translators spoke about the translation work, hoping to generate interest in a complete Tugen Bible — and the local women bought every available copy of Luke! “The positive reception of these church women has given us a lot of motivation to continue believing that what we are doing is noble, and that we should work harder to give the Tugen people a Bible in their own language,” said the translator.

As they continue to distribute Luke, the team is moving forward in their work on Ephesians, Colossians and other New Testament books, knowing that the Tugen are hungry for God’s Word in their heart language. Thank you for partnering on this project and many others through the Worldwide Projects Fund!

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