Summer 2018

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News & Notes from the Field

  • July 4, 2018

Comfort from the Word

“During these past days, I have been feeling beaten down, discouraged and deprived,” said an elderly Mangbetu woman in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to a project team member. “If only I could read the Word of God, maybe I’d be relieved.”

Mangbetu reading Scriptures

When the team responded and helped the woman to read some Scripture passages in Mangbetu, she said, “Ah, thank you, God! I feel comforted, and my strength is renewed. I believe I have seen and felt you through these paragraphs.”

As translated Scripture is made available to the community, it will be used in churches, schools and a variety of meetings and cultural ceremonies.

“We want to see lives transformed and attitudes changed as a result of the Scripture translation,” said a project team member. In particular, the account of Jesus’ resurrection will help believers to put their trust in Christ, and to no longer fear death.

Hearing a Word in a Taxi

A translation team member helped Donald download the Rangi Scripture app onto his phone. Donald, a Rangi speaker and safari driver in Tanzania, smiled and laughed as he listened to the audio of Genesis, reading along with the text on the app. This was the first time he had ever experienced God’s Word in his language!

smiling Tanzanian women

“It’s so touching when I hear it in my language,” he said. “I feel so happy when I hear it. My parents will be happy. They will share it with their community.”

Donald also said he would buy speakers and share the audio Scripture among Rangi communities.

The vast majority of Rangi speakers follow another major religion. But Donald now has hope. “This could be a turning point for my people,” he said.