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Winter 2018

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Celebrating the Baka New Testament

  • January 4, 2018
Baka women dancing at Scripture celebration

Last March the Baka people of South Sudan held a big celebration in the town of Maridi to launch the New Testament translated into their language. Regrettably, insecurity on the roads prevented people from coming from the town of Yei, where there is a sizeable population of Bakas.

The Bakas of Yei were able to have their own celebration on August 5 where Matthias Nehemiah Káadoụkụ,́ the chairman of the Baka community in Yei, shared this testimony:

“The reality of God’s words have come to us. It will provide us a good understanding for total commitment to Christ for salvation, peace, justice and freedom from enemy of Christ. Our central concern now is to remain faithful, as the Word of God has come to us in our language. We should read and study it because there is so much false teaching.

Baka man standing by boxes of newly printed New Testaments
Baka man reading New Testament at Scripture celebration

“This New Testament will help us to distinguish truth from wrong. It will tell us what God is like. And how we can truly get to heaven. It is not by being good, by being baptized, or by anything else we do. But it’s by understanding God when he is talking to us in our language. Along this line, God’s Word shows us just how much he loves us. And it is in learning this that we are drawn to love him in return. We also need to continue praying for our translators and those who contributed money to make the whole thing come to reality today.”

Your gifts and prayers for the work of the Baka language team helped bring this translation project to completion!

Please pray for the Baka Scriptures to make a significant difference in the spiritual growth of the Baka people. And pray for the project team as they now seek other ways to support their families.