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The Hungry Season

  • January 4, 2018
  • By: Zachariah Yoder
Nigerian ladies reading Bibles

“It is the hungry season,” Jack* explained to us.

My sister had come to Nigeria for a six-week visit, and together we took a “vacation” to visit my colleague Jack in the village where he worked. He took us to visit a church in one of the villages where the Mapori* language is spoken.

The service was uplifting, and I enjoyed interpreting what was said and sung for my sister. Afterward, as we were about to leave, our hosts spoke to Jack: they had something for us to eat. As my sister and I sat eating boiled cassava, I marveled at their hospitality in the hungry season — the months between planting and harvest when food is scarce and more expensive. My private prayer of gratitude was a blessing for all who spoke their language to one day have and use the daily bread of the Scripture in their language, especially for those who do not know Jesus.

That was over six years ago. Then unexpectedly I found myself back in that same village.

Two years ago our Vernacular Media Services team helped to record the Gospel of Luke in Mapori. This year, we came to help demonstrate how small groups could use the recorded Scripture in small listening Bible studies. We divided ourselves into three groups, heading to three different villages. As our motorcycle pulled into the village I realized, “I have been here before.”

men holding up new Scripture videos

A few minutes later I sat in the very same church where I had eaten cassava with my sister. Now I listened as a Mapori man led a listening Bible study and the group “fed” on the audio recording of Luke. After the study was over, I led a group discussion on how this listening Bible study differed from the Bible study they were used to in the church. The group was quite excited and one common point stood out to me in particular: “In this Bible study, everyone is contributing, even people who do not usually talk during our usual Bible study.”

Your gifts to the Worldwide Projects Fund help provide audio and video Scripture for multiple people groups in Nigeria including the Mapori. Please join me in thanking God for the audio Gospel of Luke in Mapori! Please pray that it feeds both those who already know Jesus and those who have yet to believe in him.

*Name changed