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Spring 2019

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Celebrate the Doromu-Koki New Testament

  • March 21, 2019
The Doromu-Koki

The Doromu-Koki translation team in Papua New Guinea wanted to model their New Testament dedication after 2 Chronicles 29, in which King Hezekiah led the people to cleanse and rededicate the temple. The Doromu-Koki team raised funds for the dedication with help from the local community.

Traditional dancers greeted translation adviser Rob Bradshaw and his wife, Betsy, as they entered a local church. When it came time for Joseph, the lead Doromu-Koki translator, to read from the New Testament, he was overcome with emotion. Joseph chose to believe Christ while attending a translation training workshop and is passionate about continuing translation work on the Old Testament.

During the dedication, Rob spoke to the congregation in their language and challenged them to read God’s Word daily, showing them a reading guide tucked in the front of each New Testament.

Nearly half of the Doromu-Koki people live in the capital city of Port Moresby. The rest live in the village about two hours’ drive away, followed by a three-hour steep hike. Following the service, the people watched the “JESUS” film in Doromu-Koki for the first time, and New Testaments were distributed during the film.