Keep Bible Translation Going this Summer
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Thanks to people like you who have a heart for God’s Word, fewer than two thousand languages still need Bible translation started. That means more people are closer than ever to having a Bible in the language they clearly understand. But summer months can be hard for our translators, when giving tends to drop and the work becomes harder to sustain. You can help them press forward by supporting our summer campaign.
You have a role to play in Bible translation.
From the linguists giving their time and talents overseas, to the faithful stewards (like you) giving their resources in the United States, we're all in this together. Your contribution to God’s work around the world makes you an invaluable part of the team. Help us bring hope to the nations today!
Each part of the work is crucial and needs support.
When you give to Wycliffe’s summer campaign, you help us train more people to be Bible translators, finish more language and translation work, and print more copies of Scripture. Most importantly, your gift helps transform lives and restore hearts by the power of God’s Word in their language.
There's no greater gift than access to God's Word.
We believe in the importance of Bible translation, not just because of the life transformation we’ve seen on earth, but also because this work has eternal significance. You have the resources to help people hear and understand the Gospel clearly so they can have a relationship with their Creator.