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Wherever you are, you have a place at the table

Artist’s Vision: At His Table

“At a long wooden table in a small Peruvian restaurant, I glimpsed the kingdom of God.” That one experience shaped and inspired artist Monica Stauffer’s vision for the table.

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A Place at the Table

A 7-day devotional

A wash basin. Communion elements. A fishing net. They're part of a centerpiece for a very special gathering. In this devotional, see how each unique piece of decor symbolizes a way you’re invited to participate in the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

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Meet the Dinner Party

As you find your place at the table, you will meet many interesting people. Here are a few whose lives have been changed by Scripture and are inviting others into God’s kingdom.

Selmira picture


from the Americas

>Olavi & Marja picture

Olavi and Marja

from Europe

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from Africa

Paster Peter picture

Pastor Peter

from the Pacific

Misriani picture


from Asia

Becoming Missions Minded

God created you with skills, interests and abilities; you play a role that no one else can! Learn about how God can use you to further his kingdom work, whether it's here at home or around the world.

Translator with Bible

The Last Translator

Lots of people work together to make Bible translation possible, but one person remains a mystery: the last translator.

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6 Qualities of a Servant Leader

No matter how old you are or where you live, everyone is leading someone. So what’s the blueprint for biblical leadership?

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Passion Led Us Here

4 Reasons to Choose Wycliffe

Choosing an organization to partner with can be overwhelming. See what makes Wycliffe a place to grow and thrive in missions.

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Your Personal Invitation

You’re invited to learn more about Wycliffe and how you can join us at the table! Opportunities are available around the world and right here in the U.S.!

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