Thank You for Walking With Us | Wycliffe Bible Translators

Thank You!

Calvary Baptist Church
Monroe, North Carolina
Stephen Currie


Pastor Eddie and Family at Calvary, Thank you all for your generosity and lovingkindness towards our family. We were so disappointed to have to leave the field abruptly in November. You welcomed us graciously, listened to us in our sorrow, and encouraged us to keep moving forward. We have been emboldened by your prayers. And your impromptu giving has not only sustained us while we have been back in the United States, but has also helped us to get back to West Asia. You intuitively knew that the cost of living here would be a hardship for us. Your generosity meant that it has not been a hardship at all. We love you all so much, and are thankful that God has sent you to be part of our faith journey. Love, Stephen and Penny Anna, Ella and Zachary