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International Day for the Unreached

Bringing the gospel to those with zero access.

Two billion people are waiting.

More than one quarter of the world’s population has never heard the name of Jesus. They have never experienced God’s love in their own languages. They are unreached.

But people need more than to simply hear about Jesus; they need to get to know him through God’s Word, too. That’s why Wycliffe is dedicated to helping people get the Bible translated in their own languages — so that one day, no man, woman or child will be Bibleless or unreached.

Join us in impacting unreached people groups around the world. Your contribution will help fund oral Bible storytelling, written translation of the Old and New Testaments, and audio recordings of Scripture for more than 136 million unreached people in Africa, Asia and the Americas who are still waiting for the Bible in their language. It’s time that all nations, tribes and languages not only hear about Jesus, but also experience him through God’s transforming Word.

End the wait.

Your gift will help current efforts of bringing Scripture to more than 136 million unreached people around the world.

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Katya first heard about Jesus when a traveler visited her village and gave her a book of Bible stories.

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Check out these free resources to inspire and equip your church to advocate for the unreached.

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Pray for the Bibleless

Join a team praying for those who still need access to God’s Word in the languages they understand best.

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