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The Bible Matters Because _____.

The Bible is one of the oldest and most popular books of all time. But is it just a book, or is it much more? See how the Bible has changed the lives of people all around the world — and continues to change them today!

The first two pages of e-book 'In Your Own Words'

Why Does the Bible Matter?

Because of Scripture, people are freed from addiction, families are healed and lives are transformed. Check out the power of Bible translation in our free e‑book, “In Your Own Words.”

Around the world, millions of people speak thousands of languages. Many of them are speakers of major languages, but millions of others have one thing in common — they’ve never heard God’s Word in a way that speaks directly to their hearts.

7,000 languages are spoken by more than 7 billion people around the world.
160 million people are still waiting for Bible translation to begin in their language.
90% of families in the U.S. own at least one copy of the Bible — The average is 3.

They used to be enemies.

Two people groups in South Asia were estranged for 100 years. Occasionally these groups even grew hostile toward each other. But when a Bible translation project began in both languages, antagonism soon softened into forgiveness and reconciliation.

Read this story — and more just like it — in our e‑book, “In Your Own Words.”

South Asian Women

He used to be an atheist.

Elvis’ disbelief in God was challenged when he enrolled in a translation training course. What first began as an intellectual exercise soon turned into a discovery of Scripture’s truth.

Read Elvis’ story in our e‑book, “In Your Own Words.”

Elvis Preaching
Number of languages waiting for Bible translation per region. Africa: 642 languages waiting out of 2139 total. Asia: 574 languages waiting out of 2296 total. Pacific: 346 languages waiting out of 1313 total. Americas: 67 languages waiting out of 1062 total. Europe: 42 languages waiting out of 287 total.

Through the work of Bible translation, people around the world can draw close to a God who speaks their language — a God who is near, personal, and touches their hearts with his Word.

The first two pages of e-book 'In Your Own Words'

“In Your Own Words”

Now that you’ve seen some examples of what you’ll find in “In Your Own Words,” fill out your information below to read all the stories.

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#WhyBible 2017 is Here!

Why the Bible Matters video

It’s time to tell the world that the Bible still has power and relevance today! There are a few easy, creative ways you can do just that. Check out some options below.


Missionaries around the world help bring God’s Word to those who still need it. And you can encourage them as they do! Find a missionary, click on their profile and then hit “Send a Note.”

Find a Missionary

Give Scripture to Others

Anything you give helps people get one step closer to God’s Word in their language.

Reading the Scripture in another language is like eating a banana with the skin on. Now the Scripture in my language is satisfying ... like a sweet banana. I can't get enough of it! — Minority Language Speaker

A minority language speaker can’t get enough of God’s Word! #WhyBible

There are deep things here that nobody ever told me about! How glad I am to be able to read [the Scriptures] for myself! — Woman from Central African Republic

This woman can now read the Scriptures in her own language. #WhyBible

There are deep things here that nobody ever told me about! How glad I am to be able to read [the Scriptures] for myself! — Natemba pastor in Benin

God’s Word touched a pastor in Benin deeply. #WhyBible

The Nadëb, thanks to the Word of God, are not inferior. … God is with them. — Hig, Nadëb village chief from Brazil

The Nadëb found their value in the Word of God. #WhyBible