Savoring Scripture

God’s Word is a delight — a treasure trove of substance and a source of enjoyment. Dive into the sweetness of Scripture through articles, resources and more!

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What is #WhyBible?

#WhyBible is an annual, global conversation about why the Bible matters in our lives. This year, we focused on savoring Scripture through Bible study. Learn how to study God’s Word (and enjoy it!), explore ways it changes lives and understand that everyone needs it.

Join us each September to learn how you can use this simple hashtag on Bible Translation Day, September 30, to help people know about the power of Scripture.

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The Results are In...

On September 30, you posted using #WhyBible 1,345 times on social media. That means that you raised $6,770 for the Ambonese Malay translation project in Indonesia!

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...And We're Not Done Yet!

Get to know the Ambonese Malay team members you helped support, and learn more about what God is doing in Indonesia through Bible translation.

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The Sweetness of Scripture

Discover the sweet delight of God’s Word in study, prayer and action.


The Bible is an Action Word

For Jessie, there had to be more to God than what she had seen in her own life, more to the faith she had been living. As a searching college student, she discovered her need for God’s Word — the real challenge was putting it into action.

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Praying Scripture Back to God

Prayer is an important way to join in God’s work around the world. But how can you pray if you don’t know what to pray? When your words fail, use God’s words! Apply these tips to get started.

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The Ultimate Bible Toolbox

Like an archeologist uncovering a priceless artifact, reading the Bible sometimes requires tools to look beneath the surface of what you’re reading. Reveal the undiscovered gems of God’s truth with these tools and tips to help you dig deeper into Scripture!

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These Bibles are available for you online and via apps. Check them out!

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Add More Flavors

Dive deeper into your Bible reading, explore devotionals, watch Bible videos and more with these resources!