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Kate & Mack Adventures
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Join Kate and her best friend, Mack, on their adventures as they learn about different languages, people and cultures — from biblical times to the world today! As they travel, Kate and Mack share about God’s amazing love for them. No matter where people live or what language they speak, everyone needs to know that love for themselves.

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Free 7-Day Devotional: Kate & Mack Superhero Sidekicks

Free Devotional:
Superhero Sidekicks

We can't all be superheroes but we can still do amazing things for God — even as kids! Bible "sidekicks" stepped up in big and small ways to help out the "heroes" of the faith. Learn how you can help the best Superhero ever too!

Receive the 7-day devotional "Superhero Sidekicks," monthly activities from Kate and Mack and stay in the loop with their latest adventures.

Meet John Wycliffe

Learn more about the man who first translated the Bible into English!

Meet John Wycliffe
Meet John Wycliffe Activity
Kende cloth activity

Design Your Own Kente Cloth

Create your own unique Kente cloth pattern from Ghana.

Kente Cloth

Meet Manny and Téa

Get to know Manny, Kate’s younger brother, and his pet spider monkey, Téa!

Meet Manny & Téa
Manny & Téa
Decoding activity

Decoding the Babble at Babel

Want to know what was said when the languages turned into babble at the Tower of Babel? Download this activity to find out!

Decoding at Babel
Wycliffe Kate & Mack

Around the World with Kate & Mack

Did you know that Kate and Mack have other adventures? Visit wycliffe.org/kids for a full look at our adventure suite — everything from holiday lessons to recipes, crafts and Bible-based activities!

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