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Christmas 2020 Gift Catalog

Millions of people are still waiting for God’s Word in a language and format that speaks directly to their hearts. Browse through Wycliffe’s Gift Catalog this holiday season and choose from a selection of gifts that deliver Scripture to people around the world.

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Hope Through Bible Translation

Everyone deserves access to God’s Word. You’re invited to join a movement of global proportions — so that all people will have the opportunity to discover Jesus and be transformed through Scripture they understand!


Prayer is a powerful way to make a difference in Bible translation today.

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Stand with missionaries by providing prayer and financial partnership.

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Find how your gifts can be used to help bring people hope through the Bible.

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Your support helps bring God's Word to language groups still waiting.

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Grow in God's Word

The Bible is the source of God’s truth that powers our lives. Check out our series of topics to grow your understanding.

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Wycliffe’s 2020 Gift Catalog is full of ways for you to provide translated Scripture to people in their language. Each gift shares hope with those waiting.