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Help more people meet Jesus this Easter! Share the story of Jesus Sacrifice so lives can be transformed.

Sam lives in a part of the world that is hostile to Christianity.

When God began working in Sam’s life and strengthening his faith in Jesus, Sam faced many challenges — including persecution and ridicule from others in his community.

He also faced the obstacle of trying to follow Jesus without access to God’s Word in his language, Gevora. You can imagine how difficult it would be to follow Christ without the guidance and comfort of Scripture, especially in the face of opposition.

Then one day a Christian friend gave Sam a translated portion of the Gospel of Luke, and for the first time Sam read the story of Jesus in his own language.

When Sam began to read Luke 22, he was overwhelmed. Tears ran down his cheeks as he felt Jesus’ suffering — His betrayal, mocking, excruciating pain and violent death.

“I had no idea the story was so painfully sad!” Sam said. "Now I know how much I'm loved [by Jesus]," Sam added, after seeing how much Jesus suffered for him.

As Sam continued to read the Scriptures in his own language, his sadness turned to joy when he read Luke 24:6: “He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead!"(NLT)

Jesus is alive! This good news gave Sam hope as he faced hostility in his community. The gospel is the greatest news we can share, yet so many people are still waiting to receive it. Men, women and children around the world need to understand the sacrifice of Jesus and how deeply He loves them. They need the benefit of God’s wisdom and guidance through the Scriptures.

You can help provide people like Sam with the transformative Word of God in a language and format they clearly understand.

Yes! I want to share the story of Christ’s sacrifice so people’s lives can be transformed.

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