Provide Hope for the Unreached

You can share the Gospel with the oppressed.

The lives of many are in danger from civil war, ethnic conflict and violent political struggles. Refugees flood the headlines. Seeking a safe place, they flee their homeland. Their hearts are hungry for peace and hope of a better life.

You and I cannot resolve these bitter conflicts. But God has promised to work through His Word to do what we cannot.

Unreached people in the Middle East, Central Asia and in parts of Africa can only come to know Jesus if they have the Scriptures in a language they understand, the language of their homes and hearts.

woman in head scarf

The Gospel brings hope to regions filled with darkness and pain.

You have the opportunity to give the life-giving Word of God to those who have no hope. You can change lives forever.

The Bible speaks truth, peace and healing to those who long for protection. Through Bible translation, people find their home in the loving arms of Jesus and can rest assured in his promises. When we share his Word, we make new brothers and sisters in Christ. Together, we will inherit life that never ends.

Will you help ensure that every person in these unreached people groups has the opportunity to meet the God who loves them? Please respond today with your gift to help translate Scripture in hundreds of languages for people who do not have access to the Gospel of Christ.

I want to provide Scripture for the unreached.