God Speaks Their Language

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God Speaks Konkomba

Morgan, one of our Bible translation partners, was visiting a Konkomba village in Ghana. He carried with him a recently completed audio recording of the Konkomba New Testament.

“Would you like to listen to God’s message in your language?” Morgan asked the Konkomba leaders. “God doesn’t speak our language. He only speaks English,” they said.

Then Morgan turned on the audio player and the words of Matthew 1:1 in Konkomba filled the air. “This is a record of the ancestors of Jesus the Messiah …”

The leaders were amazed and soon 300 people were listening to God speak Konkomba. As they listened, they entered into the story. They were walking and talking with Jesus. “Jesus is now one of us,” they said. “He speaks our language!”

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The words of the Konkomba leaders remind us of the wonderful truth we will soon celebrate this Christmas — that Jesus, God’s son, was born as a human being and “made his home among us” (John 1:14, NLT).

Your gift will help translate God’s Word into the familiar language of a person’s home. It’s the language that makes it possible for God to “move in” to a culture and take residence in people’s hearts.

Please respond today with your year-end gift to support Bible translation in 300 languages. This Christmas, help us translate God’s Word so many more people can say, “Jesus is now one of us.”

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