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5 Benefits of Working at Wycliffe

  • October 25, 2022
  • By: Victoria L. Smith
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Starting a new job is exciting, stressful and filled with opportunities and challenges. Kevin Rexroad worked in information technology (IT) at a large secular company for over 30 years. But now he uses his skills to support Bible translation and advance God’s global mission.

Kevin Rexroad
Kevin Rexroad

If you’re contemplating a career in IT, Kevin shares five benefits of working at Wycliffe as an information technology professional.

  • 1. You’ll Build Your Faith

    Although Kevin had known about the work of Bible translation since college, his journey to Wycliffe was unexpected. Kevin felt comfortable in his secular job, but he said: “God tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘I want you to go work for Wycliffe!’”

    Kevin prayed and looked to others for wisdom before ultimately deciding to take a step forward in faith. Kevin and his wife realized that starting a new job would require moving to a new city with their four teenage sons. The challenges of finding a new home, forming friendships and adapting to a different way of life seemed overwhelming.

    In the midst of uncertainty Kevin relied on God’s Word for encouragement, trusting that God was in control and had a plan. As a result Kevin had the opportunity to experience God’s faithfulness as he provided for his family’s needs. He said, “[I needed] to trust that God’s got my back and he’s going to take care of me.”

  • 2. You’ll Grow Professionally

    Kevin discovered that making the move to a new city allowed God to bless him in ways he did not expect. He learned to face change with courage as God opened doors for him to grow emotionally, spiritually and professionally in exponential ways.

    In his role as an enterprise systems analyst, Kevin is responsible for analyzing how information passes through Wycliffe’s enterprise applications. Kevin has the opportunity to develop his abilities while also learning new skills. “I have been stretched … in a good way,” he said. “You can learn a lot at [Wycliffe]. We’re using a large variety of systems and applications.”

    “It’s neat to see how God has used the skills that I developed … in the secular world,” he continued. “Now I’m able to use those skills and help transform how Wycliffe designs and implements system integrations.”

  • 3. You’ll Pursue Excellence

    Kevin appreciates serving alongside other people who take initiative with integrity and strive for excellence. From team prayer meetings to larger gatherings, he enjoys connecting with others who are anchored in God’s Word and committed to Christ.

    Kevin has also been empowered to innovate and try out-of-the-box ideas. On one occasion another department asked him to create a report to organize their data. By enabling everyone to provide input, Kevin collaborated with the team to determine how to best meet the needs of the project. When the project was complete, the team gave positive feedback, saying that they used the report every day and it helped them reach their goals.

    Kevin said, “That was a very satisfying moment, realizing that I was able … to guide them to something that was really going to be helpful for them.”

  • 4. You’ll Expand Your Reach

    While Kevin is based in the U.S., because he works at Wycliffe, he is part of a global community. He plays an important part in facilitating communication between translation projects around the world and those who support the work of Bible translation.

    Translation teams and missionaries rely on their prayer teams in the U.S. The process of gathering and sending prayer requests from teams and missionaries can be time consuming. But Kevin is helping to develop an automated system to save teams time and energy. He said, “We are able to introduce efficiencies … to free up other resources.”

  • 5. Your Job Will Have Lasting Significance

    Kevin believes his work at Wycliffe is more than just a job because his contributions make an eternal impact for people who are still waiting for God’s Word. “Since I’ve been here, I've been a part of seeing 488 communities now have access to some form of God’s Word,” Kevin said. “[It] just blows me away … to see how God is really moving.”

    Kevin is excited to continue to use his gifts and skills to advance God’s global mission. “I have many more years still to go and plan on retiring here,” Kevin said. He encourages others to consider serving in Bible translation. “Here you’re definitely going to make a difference.”

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