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Digital Bible Translations in the World’s Available Languages

Access God’s Word in over 1,800 languages

Digital Bible Translations.

Digital Bible Experiences

As God’s Word becomes available in languages around the world through Bible translation, Scripture is added to digital Bible resources. You can access these Bibles online or download the apps for Android or iOS.

Listen online to God’s Word in high-quality, dramatized audio. Download your favorite version for offline listening and study — provides 1,800+ languages and counting.

Choose from more than 2,400 Bible versions in 1,600+ languages on your computer or download the app on your, phone, or tablet — with many available as audio Bibles.

The full American Sign Language Video Bible is available to watch online. You can also download the app.

Wycliffe Bible Translators USA and our global Bible translation partners are currently working in 157 countries on over 2,800 spoken and signed language projects. These are the amount of known languages still waiting for a translation program to begin:

Americas: 98, Africa: 525, Europe: 50, Asia: 668, Pacific: 339

Source: Wycliffe Global Alliance, October 2022.

Who still needs a Bible translation to start?

About 128 million people* have no Scripture in a language and format they can clearly understand. Together, we can help local churches translate God's Word!

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*Source: Wycliffe Global Alliance, October 2022.