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A Change of Heart

  • April 27, 2017
  • By: Melissa Paredes
Road through the mountains

Amanda and Spring* have been sharing the gospel with their unbelieving family members using portions of Scripture translated in their own language. And they’re finding that when God’s Word is shared in the heart language, people respond better.

One day, the two women went to visit Amanda’s aunt, who is terminally ill. Although Amanda had tried to share the gospel with her aunt before, she wanted to try again. In the past, Amanda felt like there was a barrier preventing her from truly communicating to her aunt. She thought that it might have been because of the opposition and influence of another aunt who lives nearby and is a shaman in her community. But Amanda had been praying, and friends had also prayed that God would use her and Spring, as a testimony to Amanda’s aunt.

So Amanda went and shared portions of her draft translation about the story of creation. During their visit, the women shared who God is and what it means to follow him. And this time, something hit home.

Amanda’s aunt excitedly told them she wanted to believe and prayed with them, right then! The power of the gospel had finally resonated within her soul, and the barriers around her heart broke down. When Amanda left, she gave her aunt an MP3 player with the draft version of the book of Mark on it, as well as some songs in the local language, so that she could continue to learn more about God.

Shortly after the visit, Amanda’s aunt’s health began to get worse, and she passed away soon afterwards. But Amanda and her friends rejoice that she was able to respond to the message of the gospel while she was still able!

Spring has also been able to witness to her family. While her mother has believed for many years, her father has never wanted Spring to share with him. But during one recent visit, where she and Amanda went together, he finally agreed to listen to them.

After they shared the Good News of the gospel in his own language, Spring's father told them that he wanted to believe. At first, Amanda and Spring thought that he was just being polite. So they asked if he wanted to take more time to consider such an important decision. He empathically replied, “No! I understand what you have said and I want to believe now!”

God is doing great things among people who are able to hear the gospel in their own language. Hearts are changed and lives are redirected as the seed of God’s Word takes root. Amanda is continuing to make great progress in drafting portions of the Bible, and the translation team is helping her begin community testing of her drafts. Pray for Amanda, Spring and others who are working to bring the Bible to their friends, family and community in the language they understand best.


As we celebrate 75 years as an organization, we continue to thank God for what he has done to advance the gospel around the world. Join us in celebrating the hope and life transformation that happens when people understand God's Word in their own language.