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Empower Women in Kenya to Worship and Grow

  • October 12, 2020
Tugen women join in fellowship

For years Tugen women had faithfully read the Bible in Kalenjin, a language used throughout their region in Kenya. But as a speaker read a portion of the newly translated Gospel of Luke in Tugen aloud, Scripture touched their hearts like never before!

Hearing the message in their own language brought the Word of God to life. In awe of the Tugen translation, the women purchased more than 50 copies of the book of Luke before heading home.

The majority of Tugen people are Christians, but many also follow traditional beliefs and practices. While the understanding of biblical truth is growing, local church leaders continue to express the need for more of God’s Word in Tugen.

You can partner with the Tugen church to empower women in their community to worship God and grow in their knowledge of him. By translating women’s discipleship materials, those who often feel overlooked will know that God sees, knows and loves them.

Tugen woman reading the Gospel of Luke

Tugen women will be able to worship in their own language, making their relationships with God personal and real. And they’ll encounter the story of a Redeemer who welcomes every orphan, widow and outcast.

You can choose from gifts in the Wycliffe Gift Catalog that will empower Tugen women and the community to worship God in their language and engage deeply with his living Word. A gift of $25 helps translate hymns into the Tugen language, a gift of $40 will provide Bible study materials for single mothers and youth, and a $60 gift helps translate the book of Ruth.

Add these gift options to your cart to help make women’s discipleship possible in the Tugen Hills of Kenya.

Your generosity makes these goals possible by equipping three full-time Tugen translators with training in translation software and other key skills. It also provides community review workshops so the team can ensure translations are clear, accurate and natural.