I Could Never Be You

  • July 13, 2017
  • By: Ivy Cheeseman

Being an overseas worker has some challenges. But some of them are not what you would expect. Sure, there are language barriers, missed holidays and the occasional python. But the challenge that sticks out to me lately is combating the idea that people in full-time ministry have a higher calling than others. Whenever we share with a church or Bible study group, there's generally at least one person who tells us that they could never do what we’re doing. 

Let’s be honest. I couldn’t do what they’re doing. Teaching in the public school system. Caring for a child with special needs. Living in chronic pain. Working the mundane, dead-end job. Or thriving in the high-stress business situation. 

It’s not that I don’t have the ability to do these things. (Although in same cases I may not.) It’s not that I would curl up in the fetal position after a week of trying. (Although in same cases I may.) It’s just that God hasn’t called me to that particular life in this particular instant. Just like he hasn’t called you to live my exact life.

To tell the truth, I often think my “challenges” look pretty easy compared to many others. I am tempted by complacency. I need to continually ask the Holy Spirit to show me how he wants me to change. But I’m reminded that the value of one’s life and ministry is not dependent on the strength, stamina or status of the worker. It is dependent on the God who works through his workers. 

So whether God has called you to wait tables, be a CEO, change diapers or dine with the queen, live the life that God has called for you. Carry on, warrior. You are the only person who can live the unique life to which God is calling you.

May we help each other as we both join in the larger picture of what God is doing.

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