Simon’s Story

  • April 4, 2018
three African men

When Simon was young, his father suffered from illness and spiritual oppression. Then one day Simon’s father heard the gospel message and decided to follow Jesus. In the weeks that followed, his father experienced physical and spiritual healing.

Simon simply couldn’t deny how the gospel had transformed his father and his family. He had seen it with his own eyes. Simon decided to follow Jesus too.

Although Simon struggled with his own health problems over the years, he says, “I observed God’s gracious hand in my life over and over again.” And he wanted his people to experience the same freedom that he and his father had found in Christ.

Then one day Simon learned about Bible translation efforts happening in his language. “When God called me to fill the gap in relation to translating the Bible into the Dime language,” he said, “I didn’t take time to respond. I said ‘yes’ to his call and here I am.”

New Life for the Dime People

Nearly half of the Dime people are Christians but most have great difficulty understanding the Scriptures and the teachings of Jesus, because they’re not available in their language. So many Dime Christians keep holding on to traditional religious practice, hoping to satisfy spirits and avoid catastrophes. It’s common for people to spend many hours worshipping at shrines instead of working. As a result many people live in poverty and poor health conditions.

smiling African woman with baby

You can make a difference for the Dime people in Ethiopia today. Your gift empowers teams of translators such as Simon, who are passionately committed to translating the life-changing words of Scripture into Dime.

Your support helps release the Dime from their fear of evil spirits as they discover a new life of rest in the gracious love of our Heavenly Father. Together we can see more families like Simon’s changed through the power of the gospel.

Yes, I’ll help the Dime people get God’s life-changing Word!