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Translating Across Continents

How a Diaspora Community Shares God’s Word

  • August 24, 2022

The Kunama Bible translation process is unique because the community is displaced from their home country of Eritrea and are dispersed around the world. The Kunama New Testament team works from North America while the Old Testament team works from Ethiopia.

The translators have overcome significant obstacles and challenges, but they serve faithfully and humbly to bring Scripture to the Kunama diaspora. One translator shared, “It’s very important for me because I want the Bible to bring to my people not only here in [the] United States, but in Eritrea and Ethiopia.” He concluded: “I want to make a commitment so that they can have a good Bible to have an understanding of the Word of God.”

Pray for people around the world like the Kunama who are still waiting for Scripture in their language today.