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God’s Heart and Mission, Your Participation

From the beginning, God has used the Church to carry out his mission to redeem the world. And nothing is more foundational to that mission than the Bible. Every church needs a Bible in the language of its people. Together we can help them get it!

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Your Adventure Begins Here

Discover what partnership is all about.

A Transforming Experience

Learn about the benefits of partnership.

Translation + Churches

Learn how your church can get involved.

A Book Like No Other

Preview this inspirational book or buy a copy.

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Praying With Purpose

It’s through prayer that we get the work done, and your partnership is more important than you know.

Prayer is the foundation of all we do. It’s life-changing and the gateway to relationship with the Father. Jesus spent time with the Father in prayer, too, and we desire to follow his example by doing the same.

One of the greatest ways you can partner with the work of Bible translation is through prayer. Prayer should be incorporated into all aspects of reaching people with God’s Word. We need people — just like you and those in your church — interceding before the throne on behalf of God’s people. Whether you’re able to pray in great detail or not, God hears your prayers, and he answers them. We’ve seen just how prayer can impact the lives of people all around the world as people have committed to praying for those who don’t yet have the Bible in their own language.

These resources will equip your church with tools that help you pray specifically and intentionally for the work of Bible translation all around the world.

Kate & Mack

Help teach kids the importance of the Bible and about God’s love for all his people!

Meet Kate, a Wycliffe missionary kid, and her friend, Mack. They’re on an adventure to make new friends from all around the world, and your kids can join them as they learn about different cultures, languages and countries. Along the way, Kate and Mack discover that although there are a lot of differences between them and their new friends, one thing is the same — they are all loved by a God who speaks their language and wants to be their friend.

Your church can implement a five-week Sunday school lesson series that teaches elementary-age kids the importance of having the Bible in the language they understand best, how to pray for people without the Bible and so much more.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop there! A five-day summer program is also included. Kids will get the chance to visit a different region each day. They’ll memorize Scripture, learn international games, make unique crafts and more.

Women of the Word

Be a part of empowering women for lasting change.

In many countries around the world, women and children are marginalized. Their rights are limited, and they live in societies where there is little opportunity for education. This leaves them feeling powerless. These women and children need advocates so their voices can be heard and lasting change can occur.

That’s what Wycliffe Women of the Word seeks to do. By raising awareness for the issues that women and children often face in their various cultures, we are able to take a stand and bring hope to them through Bible translation, Scripture engagement, literacy, health care and more.

In this resource, the women of your church will journey through a four-week study where they read stories about life in other cultures around the world, see the impact that having God’s Word in their own language has and discuss ways that they can make a difference — both in their own community and around the world.

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