Give the Word Wednesday | Wycliffe Bible Translators

Share God's Word with the Kuhin people!

You can shine the light of the gospel this Give the Word Wednesday.

The Kuhin in Indonesia are waiting for God’s Word.

The majority of Kuhin people follow a traditional belief system that is heavily influenced by the spirit world. They build statues and totem poles along the village roads in front of their homes to protect themselves from evil spirits, and they perform ceremonies and rituals in hope of a good harvest.

Some of the Kuhin people follow Jesus, but many combine their faith with these traditional beliefs and practices. Local pastors consider this one of their greatest challenges as they seek to shepherd others.

Without God’s Word in a language they can clearly understand, the God who loves them can seem distant.

You can help change that.

Scripture translated into Kuhin will help people deeply understand God’s love and his plan of redemption through Jesus.

“As a young person, I feel I really need guidance in life,” said Dian, a Kuhin high school student. “I am very grateful for the translation of the Bible in the Kuhin language. With this translation, it will be easier for me to understand the Bible, so that I can receive the life that comes from the Lord Jesus.”

Rita, a Kuhin community member, shared, “The stories that have been translated by the Kuhin have helped me to get to know the Lord more closely. The Kuhin translation team will be used to show us the way and the light through the love of Jesus our Savior.”

Today is a special day!

This Give the Word Wednesday, you can join the Kuhin in bringing God’s Word to their community with a $10 gift. With your partnership, the translated Word will communicate the grace of Jesus — releasing the Kuhin from the burden of appeasing the spirits they’ve trusted in.

Your generosity will help local teams produce a series of 25 Bible study booklets that share key stories from Scripture. The booklets include passages from Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, Psalms, Isaiah and Jonah.

Together with the generosity of others, your gift will also translate the Gospel of Luke, publish 11 stories that cover Jesus’ birth through resurrection and begin translating the book of Acts.

God is at work bringing his Word to the Kuhin people. With Scripture in their language, the truth of the gospel will find a home in people’s hearts. Please join us today as we partner with the Kuhin to share God’s Word with them!

Yes, I will share God’s Word with the Kuhin people.