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Celebrating the Huaylas Quechua Bible!

A look at this region and how to pray for its people.

  • February 4, 2020
Smiling people holding newly translated Huaylas Quechua Bible

Peru is the third largest country in South America and features widely diverse climates, languages and people. In part due to immigration over the past 100 years, people with cultural backgrounds from all over the world call Peru home.

The Huaylas Quechua language dates back to the Inca Empire and is connected to Peru’s ancient history. Praise God that over 300,000 Huaylas Quechua speakers now have the complete Bible available to them in their language!

It takes immense dedication to translate God’s Word in a way that will speak clearly and easily to a language community. But throughout the Huaylas Quechua Bible translation process, God transformed the lives of local translators and revealed his love and power to them through Scripture. Now the translators’ work is transforming their communities too!

At the dedication for the Huaylas Quechua Bible on August 10, 2019, a woman eagerly purchased her copy. She started to open the Bible, but paused to pray. She prayed and wept over the Bible for five minutes before opening it ⁠— preparing to receive God’s Word in a language that speaks to her heart.

The victory of a Bible dedication comes after years of hard work, sacrifice and often trials. Continue to pray for the Huaylas Quechua as they engage with Scripture and share their Bible with those around them.

  • Praise the Lord for the completion of the Huaylas Quechua Bible!
  • Pray that the Huaylas Quechua continue to engage with the Bible daily and share it with those around them.
  • Ask God to raise up teachers and leaders within the community to disciple other Huaylas Quechua speakers.

David and Stephanie Boogaard

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for Wycliffe missionaries David and Stephanie Boogaard. Working in Aviation, the Boogaards are excited to be a part of bringing God's word to the bibleless, particularly those people living within the Amazon jungle regions of Peru.