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Praying for Indonesia and the Minahasa Cluster

A look at this region and how to pray for its people.

  • September 27, 2021
Smiling Indonesian woman seated in front of a dark brick wall

Indonesia is a chain of islands located in Southeast Asia between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The country experiences a tropical climate with coastal lowlands, but also features mountainous terrain and urbanized cities. Indonesia has an array of natural, religious and historical destinations and is known for stunning beaches, Komodo National Park, rice terraces, Mount Bromo and other active volcanoes, the ancient temple Borobudur and more.

Indonesia is comprised of more than 17,000 unique, complex and diverse islands and is home to more than 700 distinct people groups, each with their own language and culture. The church in Indonesia is growing, but many people are still waiting for God’s Word in their language — including the 352,000 people who speak languages in the Minahasa Cluster.

The Minahasa Cluster project is made up of four languages with people who are working together to bring Scripture to their communities: Tondano, Tonsawang, Tonsea and Tontemboan Makela’I. Tondano and Tonsea have some translated Scripture available, but Tonsawang and Tontemboan Makela’I speakers don’t have any of God’s Word in their language.

The three-year translation project started in May 2021 and the teams plan to complete the Gospel of Luke in all four languages by the end of 2024. Additional goals include creating Bible study materials, producing a film about the life of Jesus, and composing and recording worship songs.

People within the Minahasa Cluster who identify as Christian often struggle to apply their faith to their daily lives because they can’t clearly understand Scripture in Indonesian. Some people also mix religious beliefs with traditional practices. But local church leaders believe that God’s Word in the Minahasa Cluster languages will help people better understand the gospel message which will ultimately lead to transformation.

Prayer points:

  • Successful training for the translation team.
  • That more lives in the Minahasa Cluster will be impacted by the life-changing power of God’s Word in their language.
  • The continued work of Bible translation in Indonesia and across Asia.

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