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Pamosu Translation Project

Pamosu Translation Project

Project Description

The Pamosu language is spoken by over 1500 people in the remote Adelbert Mountains of Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. The Ambon people, who speak Pamosu have a very low literacy rate and almost no published materials to learn how to read and write their language, including the Bible. Close to 1/3 of the New Testament has been drafted previously by a team who could not continue the work. The quality of these drafts is mostly untested. Jason & Brenda Carwile have come alongside the Pamosu speakers in order to continue and finish the work that was started.

The purpose of the Pamosu Translation Project is to lead the Ambon people towards greater godliness and discipleship. We believe scripture is a key tool to accomplish this.  We also believe scripture is best understood in the language you spoke growing up. Therefore, a key part of the project is to translate God’s Word from its original languages into the Pamosu language. It is also important to develop tools that will enable them to effectively understand and follow God’s Word. These include literacy training, Bible studies, promotional campaigns, etc.  At the same time, the ultimate goal is to see the Ambon people using scripture as disciples of Christ.

New translators have recently volunteered for the Project. The plan is to equip them for their new service through training, equipment, and resources to effectively translate God's Word. These Pamosu speakers are from the 3 main villages which are also the three dialects representative of the people. These short bios reflect the order of the pictures above in normal left to right and then top to bottom order.  Each was asked their name, age, school level completed, and to share a statement or two for those outside their language.

From Hinihon dialect:

Belinda Kulox. Born 2000.  Grade 10. "I love to play volleyball."

Ilasa Agai. Born 1999. Grade 8.  "Soccer is my favorite sport."

Gabriel Piom.  Born 1993. Grade 10.

From Hinangave dialect:

Neisong Nali. Born 1966. Grade 10. "Bible translation simplifies the Bible so we can understand."  Neisong is a leader in the church and community.

Mark Kenek. Born 1996. Grade 8. "I like to play soccer."

From Perene dialect:

Ovokare Sasokele. Born 1980. Grade 8. "The work of the Church is very important to us." Ovokare is co-secretary of the local church.

Gabriel(Gebi) Bis. Born 1988. Grade 7. "The work of the Church is very important to us." Gabriel is co-secretary of the local church.

Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.