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Mamusi Bible Translation, Papua New Guinea

Mamusi Bible Translation, Papua New Guinea

Project Description

Ma we Ewen kesananre ulowe Nutu kona anatena pame sanre so. 

This is the Mamusi translation of Luke 16:17: "Earth and Heaven are being lost, but God's talk will never be lost."  The Mamusi people of Papua New Guinea have been hungering for God's talk in their heart language for many years. They began training and translating the New Testament in 2016, beginning in the book of Luke. Now they have a vision of expanding the current translation team from 3 men in one village to 12+ translators in 5 neighboring villages. This expansion will allow them to increase the quality and pace of their translation work, but it will require more help and more resources. 

The Mamusi Bible Translation project will provide things like high-quality training in translation principles and other key disciplines, equipment and furnishings that will help facilitate their work at the Mamusi Translation Center, and fuel and maintenance for the project vehicle. Thank you for considering partnering with Wycliffe and the Mamusi community through prayer and financial partnership, helping write God's talk, which will never be lost, both on paper and on the hearts of the Mamusi people.

Please contact the Program Manager ( for more information or with inquiries.

Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.